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  • Springy Sound & Waves

    Springy Sound & Waves

    Description: Watch physics teacher Robert Douglas discuss the use of large springs in teaching about wave motion.

  • Bottle Rocket Motion

    Bottle Rocket Motion

    Description: With a plastic soda bottle, a poster tube for a nose cone, and some cardboard, you can create...

  • Electricity: The St. Louis Motor

    Electricity: The St. Louis Motor

    Description: Watch physics teacher Robert Douglas explain how this simple motor works. The classic St. Louis...

  • Understanding Car Crashes: When Physics Meets Biol

    Understanding Car Crashes: When...

    Description: Why do some car crashes produce only minor injuries? How can a single crash of a car into a wall...

  • Hand Held Tesla Coil

    Hand Held Tesla Coil

    Description: The Hand Held Tesla Coil - up to 50,000 volts in the palm of your hand! This Tesla Coil, also...

  • Electrical Energy with the Voltaic Cell

    Electrical Energy with the Voltaic Cell

    Description: Watch physics teacher Robert Douglas discuss using the Voltaic Cell to produce electrical energy....

  • The Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope

    The Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope

    Description: Watch as physics teacher Robert Douglas discusses angular momentum using the bicycle wheel...

  • Teaching Sound with Boomwhackers

    Teaching Sound with Boomwhackers

    Description: Demonstrate open- and closed-piped resonance with these colorful tubes. When whacked against the...

  • Constant Velocity and Acceleration using Toys

    Constant Velocity and Acceleration...

    Description: Watch as physics teacher Robert Douglas discussing teaching constant velocity and acceleration...

  • Colliding Spheres: Heat Energy

    Colliding Spheres: Heat Energy

    Description: Finally, a way to see how energy "loss" is dissipated as heat! Physics teacher Robert...

  • Demonstrating Doppler Effect

    Demonstrating Doppler Effect

    Description: Watch as physics teacher Robert Douglas demonstrates this simple but memorable demonstration of...

  • Unique Energy Demonstration

    Unique Energy Demonstration

    Description: Watch as physics teacher Robert Douglas discusses teaching energy concepts with this unique...

  • Projectile Motion: Elasti-Launcher

    Projectile Motion: Elasti-Launcher

    Description: The Elasti-Launcher is the perfect tool when it comes to collecting data for the study of...

  • Euler's Disk

    Euler's Disk

    Description: If you’ve ever watched a coin spinning on a tabletop, then you’ve got to see...

  • The Fire Syringe

    The Fire Syringe

    Description: Using the Fire Syringe to compress air into a smaller volume is a classic example of how rapidly...

  • Energy & Motion: Extreme Skateboarding

    Energy & Motion: Extreme...

    Description: Video from the Arbor Scientific CoolStuff newsletter shows an extreme skateboarder jump the Great...

  • Fun Fly Stick: Electrostatics

    Fun Fly Stick: Electrostatics

    Description: Fun Fly Stick is a must have electrostatics experiment that is as easy to demonstrate as it is...

  • Genecon Hand Generator

    Genecon Hand Generator

    Description: Ideal as a battery replacement for a wide variety of basic electricity experiments, the Genecon...

  • Hand Cranked Van deGraaff Generator

    Hand Cranked Van deGraaff Generator

    Description: Watch physics taecher Robert Douglas show how you can thrill your high school and middle school...

  • Ice Melting Blocks: Explore thermal Conductivity

    Ice Melting Blocks: Explore thermal...

    Description: Touch these two black blocks, and one feels cooler. Place an ice cube on each block. One cube...

  • The Laser Ray Box

    The Laser Ray Box

    Description: Perfect for inquiry investigations of light and refraction. The most complete, economical optics...

  • The Magnetic Globe

    The Magnetic Globe

    Description: Place staples or magnetic chips at different points. If they lay flat, you've found the magnetic...

  • Mega Mirrors

    Mega Mirrors

    Description: These extra-large parabolic mirrors make demonstrating optical principles a snap. One example?...

  • The Music Box Mechanism

    The Music Box Mechanism

    Description: Turn your whole chalkboard into a speaker! This music box mechanism is quiet on its own, but just...

  • The Plasma Globe

    The Plasma Globe

    Description: The Plasma Globe Tesla coil generates a large potential difference to simulate lightning. Safely...

  • Gas Laws Demos

    Gas Laws Demos

    Description: The Combined Gas Law simplifies the Ideal Gas Law and describes a relationship between the...

  • Rotational Dynamics

    Rotational Dynamics

    Description: Observe the angular acceleration of the apparatus, and investigate the effects of changes in...

  • Hand Held Standing Wave

    Hand Held Standing Wave

    Description: Now every student can create and observe their own standing wave! Perfect for Middle School and...

  • Sympathetic Resonance

    Sympathetic Resonance

    Description: Great for demonstrating resonance and beats! Watch as physics teacher Robert Douglas shows how to...

  • The 3D Standing Wave Machine

    The 3D Standing Wave Machine

    Description: A plain white string is connected to two motors to create beautiful 3D standing waves. Everything...

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