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College and University - Nursing

When the medical field is mentioned, students usually think of doctors. Many of them would even want to go to med school themselves in the future. But there is more to the medical profession than just the people with MDs.

In addition to doctors, the medical field requires the help of nurses as well. In fact, nurses are the people who provide most of the direct care to patients. Doctors come around only occasionally, discussing procedures or diagnoses to patients. Nurses, though, come by more often to give food, adjust beds, replace dextrose bags, administer medications, replace sheets, and many other things. Nurses also do a lot of stuff to assist doctors, such as in the operating room.

As they directly deal with patients more often, nurses also require a good deal of medical knowledge. Which is why in nursing courses in colleges and universities, students take a lot of medicine-related subjects as well, like chemistry, anatomy, and physiology. Nurses do not study as much material as doctors do, but the things they study are a bit similar.

One thing that separates nurses from doctors is that nurses are focused on caring for the patient while he is hospitalized. Doctors, on the other hand, are mostly responsible for finding ways to cure the patient of his illness. The doctors prescribe medications, and nurses help administer those medications. Nurses also make sure that the patient is in as little pain and discomfort as possible while in the hospital bed.

In case of emergencies, it is also the nurses who are in the frontlines. This is why patient watchers often yell "nurse" when something critical happens to the patient. Nurses also have the great responsibility to make sure the patient stays alive. They are there to take the reins moments before the doctors arrive.