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Common Core - Reading

The CCSS or Common Core State Standards is a method for the state to define commonality in the core lessons in terms of knowledge and skills that children are expected to develop in their K-12 education. This is intended to help students prepare for college. First released in 2010, more than 40 states, including the District of Columbia have now adjusted to the common core.

Preparing students for success in a career is one of the reasons why common core standards are put in place. CCSS represents the next generation of educational standards designed for K-12 to train students to succeed in life after high school.

Reading pieces of literature and other complex texts are the common core for students, along with knowledge in social sciences and science. It is through lessons here that students begin to ask valid questions that push them to make evaluations through critical thinking. Problem-solving becomes an easier task to achieve when they obtain the skills that come with reading.

The key shift in the English language arts and literacy are various things. One is in developing knowledge through content-rich and creative non-fiction. Another is through comprehensive reading and writing that is grounded in literature. This means reading and analyzing fiction and nonfiction in order to understand complex texts across various content areas.

Text complexity is particularly emphasized in reading especially on the sophistication, manner, and skills of reading. Learning through books and texts helps increase growth comprehension both in the actual text and through verbal and non-verbal communication. Reading is essential to succeed in all common core subjects even in science and mathematics.