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Common Core - Speaking and Listening

There are tons of benefits for students who meet the common core standards of speaking and listening. As students master these capacities, they also increase fullness in knowledge and become a literal individual who is able to perform well in the very competitive workforce.

Demonstrate independence.
Speaking and listening require a good sense of comprehension as well as solid reading and writing skills. Students with these abilities can construct effective arguments and articulate intricate information.

Strong content knowledge.
Aside from vocabulary, students with strong speaking and listening skills develop a base of knowledge in different kinds of subjects. They are usually more proficient in thinking and articulating new ideas because of their interest in research through reading purposefully.

Value evidence.
Vocabulary and deeply evaluating subjects is one thing, but they are backed with another important skill which is making oral arguments based on evidence. Students become more credible in this sense because they can pull relevant texts and supporting documents. Their reasoning becomes highly reliable as they can constructively evaluate sources and how they become vital cases for their points.

The discipline-specific expertise of speaking and listening allow students to gain general academic knowledge and practical skills that are important to succeed in the future.