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Educational Songs - Math

One of the common responses from students when learning math is that they find the subject very difficult. Surely! There are just so many things to learn and memorize starting with counting, and then comparing, and then adding. The learning becomes, even more, a drag when teachers merely dictate the formulas or write it down on the board.

However, academic institutions have shifted their methods in teaching mathematics. Some teachers in early childhood to middle school have explored educational songs. And the impact is unimaginable. Children get excited to learn numbers because it's through a fun method of singing and dancing. Sometimes, teachers even include games!

Here are two of TeacherTube’s fun educational songs for teaching math:

“Super Base” (WSHS Math Rap Song)

This one is for the students studying exponents. Students make sense of the rules and why it’s essential to listen to the teacher. It’s a very upbeat and cool kind of video that even very young learners would cling on to. The sound is made like rap to the tune of the popular hit, Super Base. If that’s not appealing enough, we don’t know what is.

“Blank Space Parody” by the Singing History Teachers

This is another music based off of another popular song called Blank Space. Made by a group of teachers, this video pretty much discusses multiple choice and other topics to the sound of Taylor Swift's famous melody. It even comes with a very meticulously made video that clearly shows how the producers took the effort seriously.


Probably the most fun educational song for math in Teacher Tube, this video talks about the order of operations, exponents and etc is such an entertaining manner. It gives interactive instructions to listeners and even compares the learning to as easy as ABC. Way to convince pupils to love math.

If you are a teacher considering a fun alternative to learning, make the switch. Try showing these educational songs to your students.