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Educational Songs - Parody

Different kids have different ways of learning. Some like learning through pictures, diagrams, and illustrations; these kids are known as visual learners. Others like to learn through poems, songs, and music; these kids are called auditory learners.

Many kids are auditory learners, and as such, they can pick up otherwise complex concepts with more ease when they hear about them through songs. This is why educational songs continue to remain popular these days. Combined with colorful, exciting animations, educational songs are brilliant tools to help kids learn new concepts easily.

There is much educational content available today that have a better way of doing things. They would take a popular song and make a parody of it, changing the lyrics into something of an educational topic. Take, for example, a video from entitled “UpTown Funk Multiplication Song.” It has the tune of Mark Ronson’s song Uptown Funk, but the lyrics are all about how to multiply numbers. Or this one called “Place Value Song - Parody to Shake it Off”, also from It teaches the concept of place values in mathematics in the tune of Taylor Swift’s catchy song Shake It Off.

The great thing about these song parodies is the familiarity of the tunes. These are songs that kids would usually hear on the radio or in their Spotify playlists, so most kids would know them by heart. Adding educational lyrics to familiar tunes makes it easier for kids to recall those concepts. Additionally, kids can take advantage of what they call “Last Song Syndrome” or LSS. This is when a song gets stuck in their head that they can’t help singing it. So when kids get LSS with an educational parody song, all the more they can easily memorize a concept. They might even master it faster than by repetitive classroom lectures.