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Educational Songs - Science

It is plausible to use music to enhance science courses. While unproven, this is likely because of their mechanisms that show how songs benefit learning, in theory. Based on observations by researchers, here are two advantages of music in learning science.

Enhancement of Memorization

Music has what is called a “mnemonic device” which is a strategy to organize and encode information in order to make it memorable. This was studied by Francis Bellezza from Ohio University in 1981. While some songs act as basic fun and entertainment, most of them serve as mnemonic devices because they structure information through rhyme and meter. This is why the lyrics of popular Disney songs and are easy to recall. You can also hear this is pop music from artists like Taylor Swift and Britney Spears.

Educational songs for science can benefit from using mnemonic devices in a way that pairs scientific jargon with easy to remember descriptive words. The reason for this is that music actually gives unique benefits more than any non-musical stimuli can give. Also, good emotions can evoke information retention, so incorporating a positive beat to learning science formulas can help students memorize lists and definitions.

Reduction of Stress

Science is definitely not an easy subject and many students end up fearing it because of the method of teaching. However, there are many teachers now that are exploring a more enjoyable strategy for teaching this class. Because it’s true, music makes people relaxed and if teachers put that state in the classroom, then students won’t be driven by anxiety in order to learn. They will associate knowledge with a positive attitude.

Multi-Disciplinary Learning

Students today are so inclined with technology that they are able to learn easier if they are given multiple modalities like visual, auditory and Movement. In TeacherTube, educational songs are usually accompanied by a video that also encourages listeners to interact. Music acts as a recruiter of most brain cells to signal different brain regions and perform well. The best part is that music is fun and enjoyable.