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Educational Songs - Spanish

Have you ever joined a language class? It can be a bit dragging at times. Instead of learning a new language, students end up dreading the hour they have to attend. But that should not be the case. There are fun ways to teach a language. One way is through educational songs.

TeacherTube has curated some of the most fun Spanish songs out there.

Here are five:

Los meses del ano - Spanish Rap - Babelzone

This video really just goes through the month of the year and how to speak them using the Spanish language. It’s entertaining because there is a little animation of a rapper doing a silly hip hop moves all throughout the video.

Cuenta! Spanish Number Rap

This video is actually just about counting but it’s presented in a simple and enjoyable manner. The lyrics are well-thought of. This kind of video can actually be done by students. Teachers can add value to learning by assigning video production of Spanish songs to their students. Way to empower learners through innovative activities!

Spanish Alphabet Marching Song

A very straightforward way of teaching the alphabet spoken in Spanish. Why this is so fascinating is how the letters in the video are adorned with flowers, something that can be associated with the Spanish. And the rhythm also has that percussion beat which makes it very engaging.

Spanish Alphabet Song - Letters and Pronunciation

This video is very similar to the previous song mentioned, but it has an addition of how students need to pronounce certain letters. Plus, it’s also slower and easier for younger audiences to follow.

Numbers Song in Spanish. Canción de Los números

Finally, probably the most spunk educational song for Spanish in TeacherTube is this video that teaches numbers. This was clearly produced by filmmakers because the placement of characters and animations really matches the fun atmosphere. The combination of cool visuals and catchy song is just astounding. You’d love to listen to it again if you were a student.