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Educational Songs - Writing

Lyrics are key when doing educational songs. Learners need not only follow the rhythm but also the content of the music. Fore educational songs, words are the most important process because it draws from a specific thematic focus.

Writing songs can be a tasking job with all its responsibility to make “fluff and lines”. Writers harvest valuable information from a subject and then put and pair them as enjoyable lyrics. There’s that obligation to make the words as information-driven as possible. Educational songs are not like pop music. It must present something that students can learn or drive insight from, at the very least.

Adjusting the pronunciation of certain words are just as important as making sure words are meaningful in educational songs. This rap from Teacher Tube video called “Great Women by MindMuzic” goes like this, “ Like Oprah, first black woman to have a TV show. She paved the way today, you see it’s plenty more.” The singer pronounces the word “more” similar to how “show” from the first sentence would sound. Songs can flex pronunciation like that because of its intended tone.

What is also interesting about the song mentioned is that is doesn't put any line to waste. Both sentences make a point about Oprah’s works. The more specific a writer is about the topic, the better the educational factor of the songs. Of course, this is a rather tedious task expected to challenge both the left and right brain of the writer. But once writers wrap their mind on it, that insight will transcend to learners, as well.

Again, writing lyrics isn’t a walk in the park, even for veteran composers. Some take inspiration from another work while others spend days doing something else just to collect new ideas. As long as time is invested in research and creativity, a writer can surely make a good educational song that would communicate to users effectively.