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Elementary - Crafts

The technological revolution has been accompanied by several setbacks including children’s fluctuating appreciation for traditional arts and crafts. While the value of technology cannot be undermined, it is still evident that kids no longer experience the world by playing and making friends using tactile forms and even physical social interactions. This clearly reveals the dire need to restore arts and crafts because the advantage of providing a space to be creative cannot be substituted with the digital offerings. Here are 3 advantages of crafts:

Improve Coordination and Motor Skills
Crafts require a certain degree of using hands in a specific manner. This can aid in the development of motor and bilateral conditions. An example would be drawing dots and lines, cutting scissors or tearing a piece of paper. All these tasks demand dexterity that kids will progress while enjoying.

Open Space for Self-Expression
Kids in elementary school usually recall learnings in a visual way. They absorb every bit of information from their day to day experience. Some kids are a bit more shy than others. Doing crafts can be a way for these kids to communicate feelings to the community without expressing in the traditional format. Crafts are safe and non-intrusive methods that allow even the most elusive to share something abstract and coded.

Helps for Socialization
Doing crafts create a common area for all children carrying the same interest. It’s good to show this relationship building skill at an early age. Children with common interests can also help bring others up by completing a project together. There are so many benefits of arts and crafts, but the most glaring one is how children can express themselves and learn how to socialize through it.