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Podcasts - Spanish

Need a way to keep your mind sharp? Try learning a new language. It’s proven to be a really good brain exercise, which keeps your wits strong even as you age. There are so many other languages to choose from, too. The options are quite varied.

But because there’s so many, you may get confused about which language to start out with. How about Spanish? It’s a good choice, especially if you live in the USA. You may have neighbors who are Hispanic, so learning their language can give you a big plus. You’ll make more Hispanic friends that way. Who wouldn’t like that? I’m sure that they would; more so as they see your efforts in using their own language to communicate with them.

You may complain that learning a language is really hard. You might even think that enrolling in a language school is not an option because it’s expensive and not practical. After all, in today’s busy world, hardly anyone has time to do such a thing.

Thanks to podcasting, though, learning Spanish will not be that hard. Since language learning comes in levels, so do Spanish podcasts. There are those for beginners, intermediates, and advanced speakers. Whatever your level of Spanish, you can find a podcast that’s fit for you.

For starters, check out SpanishPod101. It has episodes for beginners all the way to advanced levels. Another great thing about this podcast is that it features native speakers from Spanish-speaking countries like Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, and others. With that, you’ll learn how people from those countries really speak. It’s not just an academic exercise unlike what traditional language schools teach.

Another benefit of learning Spanish through podcasts is you can learn at your own pace. You can repeat lessons as many times as needed. You can even listen anytime and anywhere, at your own convenience. You don’t have to specifically dedicate a time to learn Spanish. Rather, you can do it during your downtimes like waiting in line at a coffee shop or when commuting.