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Podcasts - Writing

Writing is something that all of us have to do, one way or the other. We write letters to our friends, resumes to apply for jobs, reports for work, blogs, and many others. Heck, even tweets and Facebook posts are forms of writing. Almost everyone who uses the internet knows how to do it.

There are also those kinds of people who want to be above the ordinary type of writer. They want to take their writing skills to the next level and use words more creatively. There are also those people who want to write better stories. Some people want to learn how to create fiction, while others want to know how to make nonfiction a lot more interesting.

Learning how to write can be an entire degree’s worth of study already. But if you’re like most people, you no longer have the time, nor the money, to go back to university and take a separate writing course. Thankfully, podcasts are to the rescue.

Since there are many skills needed in writing, as well as different kinds of writing, there are also a wide variety of podcasts to cater to those different needs. If, say, you’re a writer for a newspaper and you want to improve your grammar, listen to Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing. Each episode deals with a specific grammatical rule and how it should be used. A good thing about this is it addresses many misconceptions even experienced writers have with grammar.

If you’re like most writers who go through writer’s block, you know how frustrating staring at a blank Word document can be. To help you overcome this, check out Writing Unblocked with Britney M. Mills. This podcast is specifically designed to help writers of all kinds deal with the dreaded writer’s block. Each episode is filled with advice on how to jumpstart your creativity with words when your brain seems to shut down.