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Science - Physics

Physics is known as fundamental science. It describes, basically, how our universe works, from the motion of planets down to minuscule atomic forces. There are several branches of physics, and each one deals with a specific kind of physics, from the large to the small.

In order to know the motion of the planets, one can turn to astrophysics. This is where things like Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion shine bright. In this field, one can learn about gravity, momentum, and how planets stay in orbit. By extension, one can also learn how planets can move out of orbit and fly off into space indefinitely.

To know how everyday objects move about, one can turn to Newtonian physics. Newton’s Laws of Motion govern how everyday objects behave, may they be small marbles or huge trucks. Knowing the physics of everyday objects has some good applications as well, like in driving. If more drivers know the physics of their cars and the road, much fewer accidents will happen. People would drive a lot more safely and with a lot more respect for other vehicles around them.

For those who are very curious about how their gadgets work, there is the physics of electronics. Circuits, logic gates, capacitors, and all the other components of modern technology can be found in this branch of physics. The principles of electricity, charges, and how they move about in those tiny circuit boards are all included here.

Since physics encompasses a lot about the universe, there is also the weird side of it. This is called quantum physics, and it encompasses the very small. Not just microscopic small, but quantum small: things like quarks, gluons, and other super-small particles with fancy names. It gets weird as these particles can suddenly pop in and out of existence, they can get entangled with one another, and they can be in many different configurations all at the same time.

Physics is as diverse as it is intriguing. Plus, it teaches people a lot about the world around them, so it makes for a great field of study.