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The East has a very diverse and extensive history, and much can be learned from the great dynasties and empires of the East. They have given much to the rest of the world that most people only take for granted. Asia, being the largest continent of the world, does not fall short of such things.

One such contribution is the invention of paper. According to most ancient Chinese historical sources, the first piece of paper was used in 105 A.D. during the time of the Eastern Han Dynasty. However, recent findings from archaeological explorations in Tibet and western China have indicated that paper existed long before that time.

Asia is also home to a diverse range of religions like Taoism, Buddhism, Shintoism, and many more. These religions are part and parcel of what shaped the history of Asia. For this reason, various temples and shrines of different kinds can be seen all across the countries of Asia. Each one has their own unique design principles, depending on the religions they represent. The Buddhist temples of Thailand are of a different design than the Shinto temples of Japan, which are also distinct from the Taoist temples of China. These different religions also shaped the diverse cultures that Asia is known for.

Part of the history of any territory is the conflicts they have fought. Fast forward to the modern era, Asia has also seen the worst of mankind’s tendency to kill each other. The Korean War and the Vietnam War are great examples of such. The United States was a key player in both, which aimed to quell the rise of Communism.

The diverse and rich history of Asia dates back several millennia. Its empires had entirely unique ways of life, and each one contributed to what Asian countries are now known for even today.

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