Language Arts Videos

Everybody has to communicate, one way or another. Whether it’s speaking with people face to face or writing a letter, communication is an everyday thing in our world today. And in different situations, there are also various ways to pass on your message. Therefore, language arts is an essential subject for students to take up.

Language arts, as the name suggests, equips students with a wide range of ways to use language. It comprises both speaking and writing skills. In addition to the basics, the subject also deals with the artistic side of language, infusing creativity in the ways students communicate.

There are four basic aspects to understanding a language: speaking, reading, listening, and writing. Language arts classes aim to enhance those skills at each year level. At first, it covers basic topics like grammar, sentence construction, and paragraph. Exercises in language arts become progressively more complex as students move up the ranks, and usually, in higher grades, more emphasis is put on creativity and persuasiveness.

Some language arts classes also integrate public speaking into the mix. This is important, especially today when public speaking is no longer considered just an extra skill. In fact, in today’s workforce, leaders, managers, and supervisors are expected to have some form of public speaking ability. In other words, it is now a must-have for any career, especially for those who want to take on leadership roles.

Another side of language arts in creative writing. This can involve writing poems, short stories, and even non-fiction pieces. Once students can create beautifully-articulated writing, it shows how much they have mastered a language. They no longer struggle with words, grammar, and composition; this time, they are able to use them as tools to communicate their unique messages. With these skills, they can then face the greater demands of college coursework and the workloads of their future careers.

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