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Chemistry is such a fun science. People usually associate this subject with pouring liquids into flasks and they change colors. Yes, that’s one huge part of chemistry. Some also look at chemistry as dangerous, with chemicals that can explode when mixed. True enough, that’s also one part of chemistry.

But the science is not limited to those fancy things seen in the laboratory. Chemistry is all around, from the toilet to the kitchen. Even cleaning the house involves chemistry, like how a tile cleaner can make dirty, brownish tiles white again. Or how soap can remove grease from plates.

There is also a lot of chemistry going on in the process of cooking. The way a chicken goes from white to brown after being roasted in an oven is one example. A lot of changes happen in the chicken, both the inside and the outside, that gives it its unique flavor after it’s cooked.

A good understanding of chemistry is not just school knowledge that’s needed to pass tests. It can be applied to daily life as well, with lots of benefits for the students. Chemistry can allow students to improvise as well, knowing the basic chemical makeup of the things around them.

As well as the fun experiments with color-changing liquids in the lab, chemistry equips students with practical know-how about everyday items they encounter. They would know what baking soda is, what it’s made of, and what they can use it for. They would realize why vinegar and orange juice both taste sour. And they would find out why the chains of their bikes rust after getting wet.

Chemistry is a science where high school students can discover so many different things about the world around them. If the subject is taught in an interactive, practical manner, no student will ever find the study of chemistry as a chore.

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