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One of the most lucrative jobs of the 21st century is computer science. This is because of the rapid increase of tech industries that require a workforce who are adept with programming, coding and overall computer language. If students want to land a job as a computer scientist, they must capacitate themselves with programming language. Here are the 3 best languages to learn.

Pronounce ‘sequel’, SQL is one of the skills needed to land a job in tech. It encompasses a wide range of database technology including MySQL, PostgreSQL and even Microsoft SQL Server. The mentioned power big businesses, hospitals, universities, and even banks. Almost all computer person touches on the topic of SQL because of its high demand. Mind you, Android and iPhones also access an SQL database called SQLite. This database is common infamous mobile apps like Skype and Dropbox.


For those thinking of landing a job quickly, there’s value in mastering python because it is a programming language of general purpose. Named after Monty Python, this language is fun and yet incredibly simple to use because it bears a resemblance to the English language. Beginners will find python easy to learn, making it easier to master quickly. It is for python’s readability that Java was bumped out as a language of preference.


JavaScript is not Java in that is means more of stack development. It is one of the most popular programming languages because of its capacity to turn lousy web pages into interactive ones. JavaScript is the language behind web effects and the reason for pop-up messages. Basic functionality of games can be indebted to JavaScript. It is built into all web browsers like Internet Explorer and Chrome. Businesses particularly hire developers for this programming language because of their ability to transform lead pages into interesting sites that even allow real-time communication with customers.

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