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There is a saying that goes, “He who does not learn from history is doomed to repeat it.” True enough, there are a lot of mistakes that have been made in the past that had serious consequences. The two world wars are great examples of such things. Thus, to prevent a third world war, the first two must be studied in order to find out how they happened. Knowing what caused them can help the people of today prevent such conflicts from happening ever again.

History is a very valuable subject, but not just because it is useful for preventing future wars. The lessons from history can also teach people to build a better future. What people have done right in the past should be continued and improved upon in the present.

The subject of history covers a wide range of timelines and locations. There’s ancient history and modern history. There is also Asian history, US history, Latin American history, and European history. Each one is unique, reflecting the cultures of the people involved.

If there’s one thing common to all history classes, it’s usually names, dates, and places. This is also the part that many kids hate the most. They do not see the point of memorizing so many random facts that appear purposeless. Well, that is the wrong way to teach history.

As the name suggests, history is composed of a “story”. As such, storytelling should be incorporated into history classes. Students appreciate stories a lot more than just a retelling of numbers and figures. And when students know the stories behind historical events, they would understand those events on a much deeper level. Also, they would see the significant roles of the people and places that are mentioned in each event. With that, students will appreciate history for what it truly is, not just as another subject to passing tests in.

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