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Biographies are stories of people’s lives. Usually, these are the stories of famous, influential people. The likes of Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, and John F. Kennedy come to mind.

Biographies usually detail every aspect of a person’s life, from childhood to the present. If the person has already passed away, the story ends at their time of death. The most famous biographies feature how a person rose to power or fame, or how he amassed a great fortune and built a legacy that many other people remember.

Since biographies tell stories of entire lives, they tend to be lengthy. Most of them are in book format because of that. One famous example of this is the biography of Steve Jobs written by Walter Isaacson. The book is, well, conveniently titled “Steve Jobs”.

In the Steve Jobs biography, it not only details the life of the world-famous Apple CEO, but it also has a good deal of stories about Apple Inc. It details how Jobs led the company from a small local computer business to a burgeoning digital empire that all the world knows.

As the book was not written by Steve Jobs himself, it may not depict his life with 100% accuracy. Rather, the perspectives of the author, Walter Isaacson, influenced the book by a whole lot. Surely Isaacson also interviewed others whom Jobs has worked with at one point, so their views are also on display.

This is a normal thing in biographies not written by the person himself. Because no one truly knows a person better than himself, biographies will contain some flaws and errors in some parts. But in the hands of an author with great storytelling ability, only the best aspects of a person will shine. If written well enough, readers might not even notice those flaws at all.

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