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Many young people strive to earn at least a bachelor's degree to get better qualifications, which in turn would land them good-paying jobs. While this isn't bad in itself, there is an underlying issue that most students don't think about until much later: student loans.

In the US, at least, there are so many students that are trapped in student debt. Most of them cannot even repay these debts in less than ten years; some would take nearly a lifetime to pay everything off. It becomes a nightmare that haunts new graduates in every waking moment.

For students who are still about to get into college, is there any way to avoid getting stuck in the student debt trap? Well, yes there are. Here are a few practical steps to take.

First of all, saving for college matters a lot. High schoolers may begin by taking summer jobs or weekend jobs, and a percentage of what they earn, they put into their college funds. These funds should be reserved for that purpose alone; it should not be used for vacations, eating out, or buying gadgets. With this method, at least students can also help ease the burden on their parents for financing their college degrees.

Getting scholarships is another way. In some cases, this is a surefire way to get into college without having to take out a loan. There are those that offer good scholarships that cover a huge part of the expenses in college. High schoolers can find out what scholarships are available that suit them, as well as how to qualify for each one. Many of these would require high SAT or ACT scores, though. But if a student has decent grades and is willing to put in the effort, he should, by all means, pursue those scholarships.

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