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Building platforms are tasks done by computer scientists. But having a dual degree with journalism can allow scientists to become designers, as well. Students with this capacity can find good opportunities in various fields like dealing with algorithms, doing research and development, working for applications that make journalist’s lives better. This field that crosses both expertise is part of digital humanities.

There are many academic institutions that offer high caliber journalism training, as well as, computer science learning. There are usually four semesters for students to learn the basics of reporting and developing fundamentals in software design. The program essentially provides students with a general understanding of how journalism relates to computer science and vice versa. In other words, graduates become equipped with computational journalism or computer scientists who are journalistically literate. This degree basically redefines journalism.

While this course is progressive, it does seek candidates who already have a strong background in both fields especially computer. It also helps to have an appreciation of calculation and a love for writing. The degree does expect a profound and more elaborate understanding of the digital world. So it serves to have a little background before enrolling.

In today’s day and age, people have invested so much on digital work. In fact, clubs, businesses, and government offices are putting their text, statistics, reports, videos, and audios online especially in social networks. Data is even going mobile and geo-located with the help of a smartphone. The linearity of posting has made it easier for a communicator to be timely and prompt in their contribution to the news. In addition, their stories also become more accessible and identifiable to communities. Professional journalists can do with knowledge on these new media channels to collect information for their reports.

In summary, learning computer science enables a journalist to become interactive and have that capacity to explore non-linear stories through up-to-date posting.

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