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Computer science has been around for decades. And yet, not many educators are fully current on the many aspects of it. Of course, this gap in awareness can be attributed to the dynamic and ever changing environment around computer science. Also, focusing on varied and unique aspects tend to sway teachers to a rather fragmented and cluttered knowledge base.There are two main focus areas for teachers to continually learn. One is scratch or block-based programming, and another is Python or text-based programming. Teachers can practice by learning how to control LED lights with a microbit using coding. This is an inexpensive and yet effective way to learn.

One of the interesting ways to get teachers to gather insight in teaching the subject is to grant them to code for code-sake, and not worry about how they will be able to teach it in the future. The fun achieved from this activity can actually strengthen their coding skills and build passion towards the subject, making it easier for them to influence the interest of their students.

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