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Having music while exercising is not exactly a new idea. Many health buffs listen to music while they hit the gym. Music keeps the energy up and helps in inspiring movements. This way, music actually drives health improvement.

Going deeper into the benefits of music means looking at how it can help health in more ways than just serving as a background sound. Research suggests that music actually distracts athletes from being aware of the pain that some exercises throw. Just listening to music actually provides a strong effect on how humans perceive effort during a workout.

There is less awareness of exertion when music is around. This is a type of distraction that makes people productive. In fact, having music during a workout altogether improves mood. Studies even suggest that listening to music can regulate emotions and even manufacture happiness, as well as, a relaxing feeling.

Another benefit of music to health is on cognitive performance. Researchers have speculated that listening helps organize nerve cells especially in the right half of the brain.

In this idea, music acts as an exercise that warms the brain allowing humans to process information efficiently. This is usually attributed to the Mozart effect. While this thought has been debunked as effective for a larger scale, it has remained true for smaller groups or even in an individual. Music may not really have a long term effect on humans, especially in areas like memory, but it does show signs of aiding humans in physical exercise.

There is a lot of theories surrounding the positive effects of music and song to health. While true or not, it certainly is fun to get pumped up by an extra auditory activity in the background while completing push-ups. Perhaps it’s just a matter of making it work for you.

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