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There’s a century-old battle between children and their need to eat their vegetables. But none of these camps are to blame. One of the reasons why kids evade vegetables is their lack of information about their benefits to nutrition. In schools where nutrition is taught, though, some make the learning process very unappealing and unexciting. That doesn’t have to be the case. Elementary education can use interactive methods to make learning about health stimulating and attractive to students.

Using Art and Music
Art is a powerful medium to teach even the dullest of modules. Using art and music to nurture a love vegetables can summon elementary students to eat their greens. They can learn new songs associated with good food and relate this every time they eat. But the lessons should not stop in the classroom. Repeating lessons during ancillary periods can ensure that all students receive the same message.

Organize School-Level Nutrition Education
Campaigns are not outdated. They can be organized at a school-level to help each grade level receive similar nutrition education. These campaigns can incorporate creativity; a collective movement can do so much. The activity can even include a talk from a local dietitian or have a taste test sample hosted by a local nutrition-conscious restaurant owner.

Incorporate Nutrition Education in Class
Even math classes can have nutrition education inserted into it. Graphs, for example, can have fruits to represent values. Even science classes can be taught around the subject of health. When talking about the human body, teachers can discuss what food can make humans become healthier.

Health education can also be taught by family members as it improves the nutritional status of everyone. The positive impact of this learning can even enhance the quality of life. Focusing on prevention can help families’ financial costs for medical expenses. Truly, when we incorporate health education in school and home, it benefits a child’s overall life benefits on a holistic level.

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