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Physical education is one of the lessons that cuts through various school-ages, especially on the conversation of health culture. Health-enhancing physical activities bring students to appreciate the necessary act of caring for one’s body. And this is particularly crucial during elementary school physical education.

Elementary students are more physically active in schools on days when they have physical education classes. This is the age when students have stocked up voluminous energy that they may become restless without any physical activity. Studies have shown that physical education can be performed on a daily basis in schools, as long as it is backed by high-quality physical education programs.

High-quality physical education programs mean that the school must have a certified physical education teacher who can design a process by which students get at least 30 minutes per day of exercise. That’s a minimum of 150 minutes per week for elementary school students. Schools also need to monitor developments of students through tangible benchmarks that can be awarded through graduation, much like student achievements in math and science.

Harnessing this culture of health consciousness aids elementary students in their high school life, where substantial amounts of stress are expected to arise in the form of homework, family issues, identity crisis and peer pressure. Being already involved in an athletic activity helps students relieve stress, and also develop that skill to bond with other kids. Their recreational activity with their peers can drive them to become physically fit.

Finally, physical education makes elementary students appreciate a diet that can make them less prone to body shaming and eating disorders. They will understand what to eat and what exercises to do to keep their bodies healthy, regardless of size and shape. Physical health and education can ultimately help students cultivate an appreciation for sound eating practices and vital nutritional guidelines.

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