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Music and songs build imagination and even drive curiosity among learners. Positive attitude towards learning can be harnessed when using music in early childhood and even in middle school. This is called artistic education and it is a new style of teaching now that helps develop a child’s imagination.

Learning history through music can be fun. Because history requires memory, students can easily grasp the information when the lesson is partnered with music. And we all know that good memory can serve students well in all subjects, and even beyond academic life.

TeacherTube has curated one of the most fun educational songs in contemporary times. They were created by teachers and students from different parts of the world. Here are two examples based on the number of views.

“A History of the World Podcast 4” - Wilkinson/Sawyer

This video discusses the Hellenistic era when scientists, writers, philosophers, and poets decided to move to the new Greek cities of Southwest Asia and Egypt. They talk about how Alexandria served as the Greek capital of Egypt and became a major center of learning. Also, part of this video is a discussion on the many scholars who were attracted to Alexandria's library, which contained more than 500,000 scrolls.

“Great Women” by MindMuzic

This educational song talks about the many women in history who made a difference in their mission. They mention Oprah and talk about how she was the first black woman to have a TV show. Susan Anthony is also here especially her role in standing up for women’s rights. Of course, Harriet Tubman and her work to free slaves, and Maya Angelou’s role as a wise poet are also part of the song. And then Mother Teresa on how she blessed the world with her charities. Even a bit about Mary mother of Christ is here. This is a long list, actually, that students will have fun learning because the beat is infectious.

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