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Can anyone have an innate desire to express themselves through writing? The answer to that question may be highly debatable and can course through discussions about nature and nurture. Without having to travel that dark path, one thing is definitely largely accepted. Writing can definitely be learned as much as learners’ desire to love it can be taught.

In recent educational changes, writing has become embedded in language arts. Writing is revealed through a process after a student becomes equipped with reading and proper comprehension. Though the basics of writing sentences are still taught as fundamental skills, the actual practical usage of writing comes in later. In this level, writing is treated as mere compliance. Students now need to deep dive into proper referencing turning them into young researchers.

What makes these changes in educational approach good are that it allows students to become equipped with the essential know-how needed to pass high school, college, and as evangelical as it may sound, in life.

Because it’s true, many jobs of the future require critical thinking and a worker’s ability to express data through words. Reports abound and every bit of presentation expects the speaker to show understandable descriptions to match visuals. Mind you, even social media demands a good sense of writing especially with all the trolls out there ready to spread hate over an uninformed post. The workplace and the world of the future are at an unforgiving time. And students now must be ready to approach it.

Outside of school, there are tons of videos meant to help students discover their talent in writing. Of course, the practice should take the lead before any of the innate skill becomes the main driver. After all, no one can write something just by watching or reading. The thought has to be printed to paper, or typed in, to show faith to the form. So for teacher teaching writing, just have the students actually write. For students, shake off the lazy bone and pick up a pen

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