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It is undeniable that computers run our modern world. From microwave ovens to mobile phones, computer technology influences every aspect of human life. Because of this, it is increasingly important that people learn how computers operate.

To achieve this here is computer science. It is the study of both hardware and software, essentially everything that works together to make computers do what people want them to do. The subject is not just about programming, although it does play a huge part. It is way more than that.

Computer science teaches mainly about algorithms or ways of solving problems. Computers are built to address specific problems, and to do so requires some particular processes. Algorithms help computers solve problems very effectively by following a series of instructions. They follow a logical order, making computers able to solve similar tasks very quickly.

Next up, algorithms need to be applied to actual computers. This is another thing that computer science teaches: how to program those algorithms into processors, chipsets, and other intricate components of computers.

Also, it is very important to see how the user will interact with a computer system. For this reason, part of computer science is making sure that users understand how to use a computer – both its hardware and software. User-friendliness is a must; otherwise, it defeats the purpose of having a computer in the first place. They exist to make everyday life much easier, so those devices themselves must be easy to use.

All these things and more can be learned in the wonderful world of computer science. Also, because of the very wide applications of the subject, it is now being taught as early as grade school. Not just the basic skills of using a computer; this is the hardcore stuff. That’s right: kids these days would know how to code already.

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