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These days, more people are finding ways to eat in a healthier way. Social media has become the most convenient tool for people to learn how to adopt healthier habits. But there’s also a lot of conflicting information about what foods are considered healthy.

One day, coffee is bad for you. The next day, you’re not having enough of it!

Or, an online article suggests that eating fruits to indulge cravings. But another headline screams, “Too Much Sugar in Your Favorite Fruit?”

We make lifestyle changes based on what makes us feel good. We like to run every morning because it gives us that energy boost we need to start our day. We reduce our sugar intake to get clearer skin and have more energy throughout the day. But once we start looking for information about the food that we eat or the activities that we do, we tend to fall into a trap of overanalyzing our decisions.

This can inadvertently create an unhealthy relationship with food. We give ourselves a hard time for the food choices that we make. We jump from one fad diet to another until we give up, as we fail to meet our own or other people’s expectations.

Self-care isn’t just about making healthy food choices. It is also important that we are nourishing our mind by focusing our energy, diet, and exercise on what feels good for our body and our mental well-being.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is not a race we need to finish at record time or a college exam that we need to pass. It’s a fulfilling journey of self-discovery by learning how to listen to our bodies. To quote American fiction writer Suzanne Brockmann, “There is no right way or wrong way to work. There’s only your way.”

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