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Everyone just needs a stretch. Whether one's work entails sitting on a chair for 8 hours or something physical like walking around to deliver something, a stretch is necessary to loosen the muscle and make anyone move better. Stretching actually wakes up the muscles and relieves tension.

Stretching can benefit anyone way beyond just waking up muscles. It also enhances movement because it aids in the recovery of damaged tissues. Plus, it helps with creating strength, maintaining stability around the joint, and of course, helps with flexibility. Stretching is not only good for professional gymnasts and ballet dancers, but it is also advantageous for regular people in their daily physical efficiency. Here are five essential stretches everyone should do.

Downward Dog

This yoga position focuses on the mobility of the hip and shoulder. It stretches the hamstrings and deltoids or the muscles in the mid-back and shoulder area. The pose starts with a plank and then slowly pushes your hips toward the ceiling like a triangle.

Side Oblique Stretch

This is a lengthening exercise. The body is stretched through the side starting with the lats and then hips and obliques. Doing both sides makes the stretch balanced. This is pretty easy to do even at home or in the office.

Child’s Pose

One of the most favorite yoga poses, this stretch involves pushing hips and back to make the buttocks rest on the heel. Not only is this pose helpful, but it also calms the body and releases and negative tension.

Cat Pose

Blood flow is the main use of this stretch. It starts with getting hands and knees on a mat and then slowly rounding the back and tucking the pelvis and then eventually scooping the abs upward. One can feel the actual stretch upon inhaling and exhaling.

Seated Back Twist

Similar to the stretches mentioned earlier, the seated back twist does not require any equipment. It starts with sitting on the floor with your legs crossed. Then the legs are crossed further on, placing one foot on the ground with the right knee and making the left knee point upwards. This is done on both sides. Needless to say, no one should force the position beyond comfort.

Stretching is fun and relaxing and there are some videos that can guide people to do it right.

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