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Depression is one of the most common illnesses today. It comes unexpectedly to anyone regardless of gender, age, social status, and race. Many have lost their lives because of feeling hopeless and sad. While it is a tough experience to overcome, there are ways to grow out of depression. Some of these ways entail consultation with a mental health worker, others are through physical work.

There is a growing movement to use exercise to fight illnesses related to mental health. One such exercise is called weightlifting. It is a kind of exercise that entails lifting equipment with varying kilograms/pounds. To some extent, depressed people also carry the baggage of weight. The act of lifting an actual heavy thing in weight lifting can be both symbolic and physical.

Exerting effort and making energy is what happens during a weightlifting exercise. The person who does this is focused on the task at hand, so it also becomes very hard to think of anything else aside from succeeding in carrying the heavy object. Scientifically, such exercise allows the release of happy chemicals called endorphins.

On a more symbolic sense, lifting heavy objects allows a more emotional release for a person. It is like saying, “If I can lift this 100-kilo object now, I can lift all of this sadness, as well”. Associating an emotional experience with something tangible is sometimes helpful. Because a person can throw that tangible thing away as if throwing a negative feeling.

Adding to the physical and emotional benefits of weightlifting is the fun that goes along with it. Highly competitive people get a high from doing this challenging task. It’s truly something worth the try. There are video references for exercise and weightlifting online. TeacherTube has a few on the topic of Muscular strength and endurance and even titles on general wellness.

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