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Autumn is the season right before winter. It’s when leaves begin to fade and fall out of trees, and because of that, the season is also called “fall”. It makes for awesome views, though. Despite the leaves falling off, seeing those yellow leaves cover the ground can be quite relaxing.

Autumn is also the season of a couple of holidays, notably Halloween and Thanksgiving. Turkeys and trick-or-treats abound.

Every evening of the 31st of October, most people usually know what to expect: kids knocking on their doors, clothed in ghastly outfits asking for candy. This is what Halloween is most popular for: dressing up as underworldly characters and the tradition of the trick-or-treat. Children particularly like it when they are handed a hefty prize of sweets in their jack-o-lantern baskets.

Another holiday celebrated in this season is what’s called Thanksgiving. Most families usually get together and have a feast at dinner, which typically includes a turkey. Other kinds of food can be served as well, depending on each family’s liking. Originally a religious holiday, Thanksgiving is also now participated even by non-religious people. After all, who wouldn’t like a holiday where one can have lots of food?

The season of autumn also creates lots of breathtaking views of vegetation in shades of yellow and orange. All around the world, there are numerous sights to behold. From Rome to London, Dublin to St. Petersburg, several cities around the globe offer breathtaking yet calming landscapes of trees preparing themselves for the cold.

Since temperatures also get colder, autumn is a great time to travel. Tourists neither have to worry about getting frostbite or melting in the hot, sweltering summer sun. It’s a nice “in-between” season where the weather is usually just right. For this reason, explorers would be truly happy to go places.

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