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To a vast majority of kids, holidays are just "extra weekends" when they can have fun. During holidays, they can do anything they want; no teacher to tell them what to do. They love that, especially that they already spend most days of the year in school.

But knowledge is power. If kids also know the reason holidays are celebrated, they will have a much wider appreciation of the world around them. It's part of being a good citizen too. With that in mind, schools also ought to teach students why different holidays are commemorated.

Such lessons can be integrated into history or civics classes. And they don't have to be the usual dry lectures as well; they can be made interactive to facilitate better learning. There are a variety of activities for teachers to use, like the series entitled "Amazing Anabelle December Holidays and Celebrations," available on

With these lessons on holidays and seasons, kids can learn the origins of holidays, why they are celebrated, and for whom they are commemorated. This expands their knowledge base and helps them become more informed young citizens of the country.

Also, it can be a great platform for students to be exposed to social concerns relevant to each holiday. For example, in commemorating Memorial Day, kids can be made aware of the horrific effects of wars. Through stories of former soldiers on Veterans Day, students can also dive into the experiences of those who fought for freedom decades ago.

It's like having history lessons outside the classroom, with actual historical figures doing the talking. Through these, students can more effectively learn from the past and ensure that they don't repeat the mistakes of the past. In turn, when they grow up, they can make more informed decisions that would make their communities better.

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