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Spring is a really nice season. Everywhere, there are flowers in full bloom, trees bearing fruits, green grass abounds. Essentially, nature is at its finest almost everywhere. It’s also the season of the holiday known as Easter.

The Easter holiday is usually known for colored eggs everywhere, as well as bunnies and kids with baskets collecting the eggs. Children would be so enthusiastic about egg hunts, collecting as many as they can. And for good reason; there are tasty treats involved! It’s kind of like trick-or-treat for spring, but without the tricking. There are just treats to be found.

But why is Easter celebrated that way? Where did the eggs and the Easter Bunny come from? Back in the old days, Easter was actually a celebration of fertility, a sort of “Spring Festival”. The eggs and the rabbit were seen as symbols of fertility and life, so Easter came to be associated with them. Additionally, there is a story of a hare that provides colored eggs, which is where the idea of artsy easter eggs came from. Up until today, many children all over the world associate Easter with painting eggs with different snazzy patterns. To make it more fun, egg hunts became a thing, with the eggs containing candies, chocolates, and other sweets that kids love.

Eventually, some Christian groups co-opted the festival and slightly altered it to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The bunny was removed; however, the colored eggs remained for some reason. Egg-painting and egg hunts are still done even by a good number of Christian children.

Even though cultures change with the passing of time, it seems that Easter will continue to be symbolized by the rabbit and fancy eggs. Apparently, those two things won’t disappear from the holiday any time soon.

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