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George Washington has a special significance to many Americans, being the first President of the United States. With that, the third Monday of February is a holiday, as Washington’s birthday falls around that time (February 22 to be exact).

Some Americans do confuse this holiday as “President’s Day”, though, because more than one President has a February birthday. Abraham Lincoln was born February 12, so the holiday came to be known by some as President’s Day in honor of both Washington and Lincoln.

So, what’s so special about George Washington, aside from being the first President of the United States? For one, his hair. From all the images that people have seen of him, it would look like he was wearing a wig. But he isn’t; all of that hair is actually real. He just powdered his hair regularly, so it looks white.

He’s also the top ranking official in the United States Military. No, not just during his time. George Washington will remain to be, the highest ranking military officer in the entire history of the United States. Sometime in the past, a law was established declaring Washington as “General of the Armies of the United States”, a title that no one else will ever obtain.

One more thing. George Washington did not really chop off that cherry tree! It’s a very popular myth going around about him. The chopping of the cherry tree was a made-up story by a biographer named Parson Weens in his book called The Life of Washington. That book was later identified to contain a lot of other myths about the first President.

The best part? George Washington was a dog lover. He bred several foxhounds in his lifetime: about 30 of them. Through this, he also came to be known as the “Father of American Foxhounds”.

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