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War is hell. Indeed it is, especially for the soldiers who fought and bled on the battlefield. America is no stranger to this kind of fighting: two world wars, the Vietnam War, the War on Terror, Saddam Hussein, ISIS, and so much more. The warriors of the United States do not only defend their own land; they fight in foreign lands as well.

Of course, in any kind of war, people die. Soldiers, mostly. Once again, America is no stranger to the casualties of war. Countless American soldiers, pilots, and sailors have died for the cause of their country. And to honor their valiant efforts, the USA celebrates Memorial Day every last Monday of May.

Most Americans commemorate Memorial Day by visiting the tombstones of their loved ones who died in the service of the US Military. During this day, flowers abound in cemeteries, especially in military cemeteries. Some people would even go on picnics right on the grounds of their fallen loved ones. For these families, the time spent with their heroes is priceless.

Another mark of Memorial Day are the grand parades that feature active military personnel and retired veterans. Those usually happen in the cities, and the largest and most fancy ones usually happen in places like New York and Washington D.C.

There’s also another interesting thing that happens every Memorial Day. It is called the National Moment of Remembrance: at 3pm on Memorial Day, all Americans are asked to pause for one minute of silence in memory of the brothers and sisters who have fallen in battle. What’s with 3pm? Well, based on Congress, it was chosen because 3pm is the time when most Americans are fully enjoying their freedom on this holiday.

Flags and flowers for the soldiers’ acts of valor? Beautiful. A picnic in a quiet cemetery near a loved one’s tombstone? Relaxing. But a united moment of silence in honor of those who gave their lives to make America safe? Priceless.

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