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The new year is always something to look forward to: fireworks, countdowns, and just the overall happy vibe of the occasion. Crowds of people flock to city centers to witness spectacular displays that light up the night sky. The goosebumps you feel when everyone is shouting in unison, “5, 4, 3, 2, 1” is definitely priceless. And the excitement you feel when you see the awesome fireworks colors bursting in the air? Nothing matches that feeling. Most people would even stay awake the entire night to celebrate the coming of another 365 days.

The next day, it becomes the season of reflection, when you can do two things. First, look back at what has happened in your life the past year. Second, look ahead to the many possibilities life offers you in the year that will follow. New Year’s Day is the season of new year’s resolutions, where you can set goals to achieve within the year.

Ever wondered why we always let the sparks fly during our new year celebrations? Believe it or not, this practice was not originally an American tradition. The use of fireworks originated from the ancient Chinese, who believed that making noise drives away evil spirits and brings good luck. It used to be just firecrackers, which are basically small patches of gunpowder wrapped in paper. Eventually, innovation happened and now we get these fancy rocket-propelled fireworks that explode into different colors and patterns.

How about the idea of new year’s resolutions? That has its origins as far as ancient Babylon, about 4,000 years ago, when the people would promise to their gods to pay their debts and return things they borrowed. Now, it has evolved into setting personal goals aiming to make yourself a better person.

While the origins of these practices may be so far off from what they are today, they still remain as long as people do them every time. New Year’s holidays will always have both fireworks and resolutions for generations to come.

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