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Spring is a very colorful season. It’s when lots of flowers are in full bloom in all sorts of colors: red, purple, pink, white, yellow, and many more. When it’s spring, it’s always a good time for a nature walk. The green leaves are back in the tree branches, and fruits are starting to come out.

Spring is also a time of many holidays. For students, there’s spring break. It’s when college students take a week off from school, and it falls usually around the time of Easter. Spring break is notorious for being a season of drinking underage, illicit drug use, car crashes, and overall rowdy behavior. It’s not all bad, though, as long as students celebrate the holidays responsibly.

Speaking of which, Easter is also a spring holiday. It’s when people usually bring out the Easter bunnies and Easter eggs. For other people, particularly Christians, it isn’t just some typical holiday; rather, it’s a very special day marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ. So no Easter bunny for them, but some of them do still make use of Easter eggs.

St. Patrick’s Day also happens to fall on spring. It’s a time when everyone wears green, and some people even dress up as leprechauns and wear fancy top hats. This is the holiday symbolized by the shamrock, or the three-leaf clover. For many though, it has become a four-leaf clover, which technically isn’t a shamrock anymore, though most people don’t seem to mind. It’s also the season when people chug on Irish beer and feast on Irish dishes.

These popular holidays can all be enjoyed along with the season of plants in full bloom, which makes them even more enjoyable. These festivities along with colorful natural backdrops turn these holidays into truly happy and uplifting occasions. Indeed, spring is a lot of fun.

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