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The cold can bother some people, but not others. Some would even enjoy the winter. To them, it’s the season of playing out in the snow, making snowmen and snow angels, and ice skating. It’s also the season of layering clothes. Jackets, parkas, coats, and everything else. Anything to beat the cold.

Not every winter is the same, though. In different places, winters are colder than other parts of the world. There are some winters where the cold outside is tolerable, and others where no one can survive out in the cold.

The coldest winters can mean even one’s breath can freeze right in front of him. That means the possibility of getting frostbite is high, and this is deadly. People living in such climates absolutely need a heater. Or at least a fireplace.

In other places, winters are comfier. Sure, people still need to wear winter clothes, but the cold outside isn’t as bad. It’s where kids can freely play outside, go sledding, and make snow angels.

Kids love it whenever it’s snowy, by the way. School usually gets canceled on snow days, and they can do whatever they want at home. It’s their time to catch up on lost sleep or lost play time.

For adults, it can also be their time to relax and catch up with the family. Especially if road conditions prevent them from going anywhere. It’s the perfect time to snuggle up near the fireplace and read a book. It’s also a nice time to just lounge around the house and watch movies. Throw in a nice, warm bowl of soup and it’s even better.

Though winter is a time where all leaves are shed and the greenery seems to be all gone, it’s still a nice season to enjoy. Just make sure to protect against frostbite and everything will be fine.

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