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One of the most popular jobs today is being a marketing consultant. Its appeal has garnered the interest of freelancers such that they are even starting their own businesses in traditional and digital marketing. But what really does it take to become a marketing consultant? Surely it’s beyond just rhetoric.

A consultant for marketing is someone who understands consumer psychology, so they can provide evidence-based advice to their clients. Consultants take many duties which include evaluating the needs of each company and planning out a way to implement through various marketing channels. This includes nsocial media, email marketing, print, radio, television or word-of-mouth. Of course, their work doesn’t stop once a sales strategy is implemented. Part of the job is also to monitor insights using analytical tools.

Students who want to explore the world of marketing can get a degree in marketing, and also build their experience portfolio. Marketing relies very much on social capital, so it’s good for students to construct and collect networks early on so that they can tap into such a community when they need them the most.

How students harness networks can be learned through an undergraduate degree in marketing or even in a communications degree. There are many schools offering a degree in this field. However, if that is impossible, a degree in business communication may nonetheless serve as a good credential.

Building upon the topic of credentials, it’s good for students to practice marketing themselves through an online portfolio. This is a way to show potential clients or employers what they may expect to get from the service. The portfolio should include basic information such as education, experiences, and samples of their best work.

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