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In today’s world, computers are part and parcel of daily life. People use them to accomplish a lot of things. In fact, the phone in many people’s pockets are computers themselves. It allows them to do a wide range of things from calling a friend to booking a hotel room on the other side of the world. Computers also allow people to manage their money wherever they may be. The conveniences of the modern world are mostly thanks to computer technology.

For this reason, computer science is such a high-demand course in universities and colleges. Those who take this course are in for great job prospects, most of which have very lucrative pay scales. Programmers, computer engineers, and software designers are among the most well-paid career options in the world today. Demand for people with computer skills is never dwindling, thanks to the rapid and continuous progress of digital technology. Since the industry is also highly competitive, salaries tend to be high to attract the most talented people. To put that into perspective, the average starting salary for computer science professionals is at around $66,000 per year.

As to the field itself, computer science is pretty broad, covering many aspects from programming to electronics. Both software and hardware are covered under the umbrella of computer science. Students of the field will learn programming logic, binary code, software and hardware design, and many other things related to computer technology. Computer science is more than just designing cool apps; it’s also about making sure those apps work well and have the needs of the users in mind. As it is a science, students will also learn a good deal of theories, which are foundational to the field.

Computer science is a study of computers from the inside out. Skilled computer scientists are capable of doing a variety of computer-related things, not just programming and fixing broken PCs.

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