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The world is shifting at a high-speed level. This is reflected in the steady growth of numerous new things including jobs in the information technology sector. Positions that didn’t even exist a decade ago are stirring in the employment sector. The question remains is: how can education can keep up to match graduates to this new workforce of the future? Here are two main jobs that may need academic backing for more students to land a position.

Software Developers
Who keeps computers running? Software Developers. Without them, the world today wouldn’t have Microsoft Word and Adobe Suite. Can you imagine that? These people work alongside computer programmers and, together, they seek to build systems and applications that work for this very essential technology.

Software developers require a bachelor’s degree in computer science and software engineering. A degree in any computer-related field and mathematics may also be acceptable in certain cases. Because not all academic institutions are ready and in tune with the vast knowledge base for software developers, online coding boot camps may be helpful in landing this position for unconventional learning systems. Most companies accept this credential in place of a traditional academic education if the applicant is highly skilled.

Mobile App Developers
People work and play using their mobile devices. And more smartphone companies are thriving despite the very competitive world of tech. This tech atmosphere is probably the fire behind the growing need for mobile app developers.

Constant developments and depreciating tech entail innovative products that adapt to smartphones. Mobile app developers are required for companies to keep up with creative marketing in all different industries. More and more, businesses need video games for content distribution. This creative and tech industry job hybrid isn’t slowing down any time soon. Schools need to keep up to match students to jobs of this position more.

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