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The world is run by computers and computer science drives as well as challenges human’s daily lives. All kinds of professions need computers to complete tasks or to communicate with colleagues effectively. May it be engineers, doctors, teachers, and students, computers remain always essential to perform and succeed in endeavors. How this is specifically happening can be explained in three major ways technology impacts human lives.

Access to Education Anywhere
Developing countries can now access quality education without migrating to developed countries. Offshore learning has become ever more available thanks to technology. Massive amounts of information like books, references, videos are obtainable through digital libraries. This is empowering everyone through knowledge sharing. Traditional classrooms are even converting to digital methods like the use of iPads for presentations and visual lessons.

Travelling Convenience
Transport is a vital part of our lives; may it be for leisure or for the trading of goods. Innovation in transportation was already apparent in the 1770s with the invention of steamships, and controlled flights started in 1903. Today, cars have become a domestic need, while the government is making public transportation more efficient by investing in trains, and even airports for domestic and international flights. In this latest decade, transportation innovation has diverted to more cost-efficient use of energy with the development of electrical vehicles.

Health Industry Development
Improvements in healthcare have seen the light of day because of technology. Modern technology has aided in the efficiency and quality of hospitals and especially surgical rooms. Mortality rates have fallen because mistakes are reduced. Heart rates and weight, among others, can now be monitored via smartphones. Not to mention that treatments have become ever more accessible even to the middle class. Health phones are already in place to make hospitals more competent in emergency responses.

There’s more benefit from technology than ever before. Tasks, online earnings, and even entertainment need technology to thrive because of how computers have automated processes and operations. It is now on how humans can effectively use this technology to better their lives.

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