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Environmentalists a social movement that focuses on the theme of environmental protection and welfare. Usually, environmentalism is run by environmentalists who seek to conserve the earth’s ecosystem including its water, land, air, plants, and animals. Part of this advocacy is to see that natural habitats like rainforests and oceans are far from depletion and their species are not endangered.

Management of natural resources, global warming, and commercial logging and mining are some concepts that environmentalism address. These are usually affected because of human development which has altered the state of the earth and the means of which humans appreciate its function. Environmentalist understands that further damaging the earth can lead to the overall destruction of its inhabitants.

America is home to many ecologically friendly spaces which means that legislation and research have been across this topic for years. In fact, new technologies have been created to help reduce pollution and increase recyclability of materials. Policies on single used plastic have been strengthened over the years because of the awareness of how they endanger animals. Gallup poll shows that 89% of Americans recycle.

Over the years, Americans have slowly preferred environmentally-friendly products. While this is a positive and hopeful scenario, the development of forests and farmlands cannot be hindered because they are governed and owned by larger companies. Advocacy groups like the National Resource Defense Council, World Wildlife Fund and Green Peace are on top of this cause.

Environmentalism focuses much importance beyond a healthy and clean environment for humans. It is also where watch dogs act to protect the earth from the harmful habits of the main inhabitants, people. People enjoy the wonders of nature. Snow snow-covered mountains and the wild animals in virgin forests are such some alluring sites. Environmentalism exists to make these scenarios exists for future generations.

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