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Sexual ethics is the study of human sexuality and sexual behavior. It tries to understand and evaluate interpersonal relationships, as well as sexual activities. Social, cultural and even philosophical perspectives are explored in this study. Gender identification and sexual orientation are also involved in the study of sexual ethics. There’s also the conversation on consent and sexual relation in looking at procreation.

The discussion on sexual ethics has historically been around as an issue of importance across cultures. Sex is a social practice and varies in style, degree, and understanding in different societies. What is deemed sexually ethical in one culture is not expected of another. This has become an even more prevalent topic with the rise of feminism, race and democratized gender identification.

Aside from seeing sexual ethics on a more academic view, it can also be seen on a social view in terms of permissibility, explicit commitment, adultery, polygamy, perversion, professional conduct, and even roles of sexual therapists. While there is a clear sexual ethical rule followed especially in committed relationships, alternative practices seem to create a fine line on what is ethical and what is moral.

In fact, the debate on sexual ethics expands on the topic of sexual assault. When does physical assault become sexual assault? Legally, sexual assault is a crime of violence. The main keyword here is consent at the time the act was done.

With the growing complexity of this topic, it seems to show how essential it is to teach sexual ethics schools. Children need to learn to respect diverse understandings of sex so that they grow up to becoming conscious and sensitive individuals. The world today has gone more receptive to notions of diversity and students who understand this will have less difficulty in their lives as they grow.

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