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Every day, people communicate in a variety of ways. They use phone calls, text messages, social media, pictures, and handwritten notes. Person-to-person communication is quite easy these days because of these different ways of passing on the message. It does get more complicated, though, when it's organizations talking to individual persons.

The organization can be anywhere from a small nonprofit to an entire country's government. While the same kinds of media are used, effectively passing on a message is an entirely different story. For this reason, communications have developed into a field of study, and many colleges and universities offer these types of courses.

Communications is also a big industry these days, with advertising, PR, and marketing agencies as the best examples. Graduates of these courses can work in these fields, which pay generous sums of money as well. An estimated annual income of a communications specialist in the US is about $40,000. This could be more, depending on the company.

Communication is an art form. Not only does it require a good level of mastery of English; it also demands a whole lot of creativity. What words are used in a print ad, for example, matters a lot. Even one word can change the meaning of the ad. Effective communicators must know the nuances of the cultures they operate in; that way, they can convey their messages much more effectively.

Communications also have a visual component. Colors, images, and even video can move people to take action. Especially for young adults these days, visual communication is quite powerful. It engages the senses a lot more than plain words can. Better yet, combining words and images and video produces better results. With that, many communications graduates are also well-versed in creating graphics, editing videos, and making animations. These types of content work best in online platforms, which is where most people are these days.

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