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English is a language most of the world understands. It is deemed the global "lingua franca", or the "default" language that bridges speakers of other languages. For example, a Thai and a Norwegian may not understand each other's native languages, but if they both know how to use English, they can effectively communicate with each other.

Because of its high status as a global language, English is a valuable subject taught not only in elementary school but up to the university and college levels. In fact, there are full degrees in English that students can take at the university level. These courses involve mostly creative writing and literature. English degrees equip students for a diverse range of careers, including print media, advertising, policymaking, public relations, and education. Some English majors even publish their own books, and the most successful ones get into the New York Times bestsellers.

Since English majors have a way with words, they are quite valuable to busy people who have no time to write themselves. Politicians, CEOs, and many industry leaders are always in search of brilliant English majors to write their speeches, press releases, statements, and many other things.

Advertising agencies need clever copywriters for their ads and marketing campaigns, so English majors also have a place in the ad industry. Creativity with words is a huge asset for ad agencies, making it a good place for English majors to practice their skills.

English degrees can also be a prelude to law school. As the legal profession involves a lot of words – cases, constitutions, contracts, and many more – English majors have an advantage here. Not only do they know the technical side of English, but they also know how to play around with words. Their knowledge of the nuances and subtleties of the language will help them out a lot in the practice of law.

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