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Christianity is one of the world’s majority religions. A lot of people from all over the world identify as Christian; based on some statistics, this is about a third of the world’s population. The Christian Bible is even one of the world's most bought and most read books.

The key idea in Christianity is that a prominent figure named Jesus Christ is the savior of mankind. Christians believe that no human being is born good and that all of them are destined to go to hell. Because of this, they believe that God sent Jesus Christ to the world to save mankind from their sins. They say that salvation comes to those who believe in Jesus Christ and that this salvation is free of charge.

Another important teaching in Christianity is the death of Jesus Christ on a cross. They also believe that it is this death of Jesus Christ that allows their sins to be forgiven. By believing this notion, Christians say that it is their means of salvation.

The Bible that Christians use also share some parts from the Jewish religion. Their "old testament" contains the first five books of the Hebrew "Torah", and the content is just the same. They also believe in the same God written in those texts.

One more core principle that Christians hold to is that Jesus Christ is the son of God. Their belief is that God sent Jesus Christ to die by crucifixion to save humankind from eternal damnation. Once again, this theme of salvation for mankind can be seen because it is central to the doctrines of Christianity.

Christianity also has many so-called "denominations" or sects. There are the Roman Catholics, Baptists, Pentecostals, Presbyterians, and many others. Christian sects are as diverse as the many groups of people who practice the faith.

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