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Language arts is a basic subject taught in school. It is usually linked with learning English, but the two were separated by the American National Council of Teachers of English to make language learning more focused on basic reading, writing, and linguistic communication skills.

Language arts includes learning the five components of reading: phonemic awareness, vocabulary development, reading fluency, oral reading, and then reading comprehension strategies. It begins with phonemic awareness because this is where the ability to manipulate spoken words is taught through the understanding of sound that a spoken language can make.

Basic reading includes periods of silence-sustained reading that teach students to comprehend language through storytelling. Writing involves cursive writing and also learning to write based on a particular theme. This helps in developing vocabulary, which is interrelated to linguistics or communication skills. The main takeaways of these exercises are to develop a love for reading and writing in elementary, or at an early age. This is necessary knowledge that will equip elementary students to succeed in middle school and high school.

Middle school English curriculum eventually evolves to bring students to comprehend more challenging reading exercises such as works of fiction, poetry, and essays. Grammar also becomes a bit complicated with the inclusion of semantics as a focal point for lessons. Furthermore, students need to cross complex literary adventures in poetry, expository writing, and creative writing. There is also a bit of pressure to communicate properly through appropriate word choices that may make vocabulary learning more imperative.

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