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A new design to prepare students for their future career is what is now called the common core standards. It is arranged for all subjects including the English language.

Learning it usually happens through stories and pieces of literature. However, in common core standard, students are also requiring dealing with complex tests and provide evidence to back the facts around those texts. These are important areas in language learning that may even be useful in other subjects like science and social studies. This makes students ask relevant questions to push them to explore critical thinking and problem solving, both essential skills to have in college, career, and life, in general.

Critical thinking is an essential ability for students to read texts and understand their complexities. Students not only learn about literature through reading, but they also explore the characters, plot, and recognize contexts and arguments around those variables. In all these, students develop cogent reasoning and that unique ability to collect evidence that is important for career preparedness.

English language arts are embedded in learning the process of reading, writing, speaking and even in listening. Language, when used effectively, can help students articulate concepts, and comprehend certain content areas necessary for their learning development. They develop literacy skills that are required in college and in their career of multiple disciplines.

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